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    Jim Burns demonstrates an exercise                  Sue Stanger enjoys her door prize

Eight Weeks to Wellness

Damascus Grace Fellowship has completed a second eight-week program aimed at sharing our health message with the community.  Attendees learned how to set goals, establish new habits, take charge of their health and feel better!  

The following topics were addressed:

Week One:  Develop an Energetic Lifestyle
Week Two:  Become More Physically Active
Week Three:  Choose Good Fats
Week Four:  Choose Better Carbs
Week Five:  Achieve a Desirable Weight
Week Six:  Enhance Mind/Body Connections
Week Seven:  Cope with Stress
Week Eight:  Get Preventive Health Checks

Presenters were:

W. John Wilbur, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Researcher
Jerry Baugher, President, Piedmont Pacers Walking Club
Jim Burns, Physical Educator/Body Builder
Dave VandeVere, 8-time Marathoner

Each week Bonnie Wilbur made available to the attendees samples of a multitude of healthy foods.  Door prizes were also awarded by a drawing each week.  Free childcare was available (ages 4-9)


Damascus Grace Fellowship tries to find small ways to show the community we care.  On a particularly warm day, one of the Bible Fellowship Groups went to a local park and passed out bottles of water.  The accompanying card read, "Yes!  It really is free!  It's our way of showing God's love for you...in a practical way!

One member of the church was determined to visit local businesses every Monday and offer to clean their toilets.  Most were sceptical, but disbelief soon turned to gratitude and new friends were made.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Damascus Grace Fellowship passed out free pies to the community.  Another opportunity to make new friends!

Other kindness projects have included a community car wash, free windshield washer fluid, and free smoke detector batteries (during time change).